Antrim Lieutenancy

Lord-Lieutenant Cadets

The Lord-Lieutenant can appoint cadets, through the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association (RFCA) to accompany them on official duties.

They provide an essential link between the armed forces and the local community, assist with recruiting within the cadet forces and assist the County’s Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. The cadet is selected and appointed based on their outreach and participation within their squadron, detachment or unit, and is seen as one of the highest achievements in the Cadet Forces.

Lord-Lieutenant Cadet 2019/20, Cadet Sergeant Catherine Hill, with her mother and HRH the Earl of Wessex, KG, during his recent trip to County Antrim in October 2019 (image: NIO)

How to be a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet?

To be a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet, you must be of the highest calibre and be nominated firstly by your Detachment Commander and Company Commander, the process moves on then when a meeting is convened by RFCA and attended by HM’s Lord-Lieutenants and they select the cadet after reading their citation.

Each County has a Lord-Lieutenant as well as the two County Borough’s Belfast and Londonderry. The cadets will accompany their respective Lord-Lieutenants on official duties such as Remembrance Sunday and when members of the Royal Family come to Northern Ireland.

Lord-Lieutenant Cadets are selected from members of the Cadet Forces (Sea Cadet Corps, Combined Cadet Force, Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps) so to be selected it is a great honour for the cadets their parents and adult staff.

The current Lord-Lieutenant Cadets (2022/23) are:

Cadet Staff Sergeant Kaitlyn Beggs 
Carrickfergus Detachment, 1st NI Battalion ACF, Royal Engineers

Cadet Corporal Faith Steen 
Antrim Detachment, 1st NI Battalion ACF, Royal Engineers

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Aimee Milevsky 
Moira Detachment, 2nd NI Battalion ACF, Royal Military Police (RMP)

Previous Lord-Lieutenant Cadets:

  • 2022/23 – Ordinary Cadet Adam Barr Sea Cadet Corps TS Ulster & Cadet Sgt Rhys Millar, Air Training Corps 1919 (Newtownabbey) Squadron
  • 2021/22 – Cadet Company Sgt Major Ciara McKay (1st (NI) Bn Army Cadet Force) and Cadet Cpl Ross Currie (2nd (NI) Bn Army Cadet Force)
  • 2020/21 – ​Cadet Sgt Robert Allen (​1st (NI) Bn, Army Cadet Force) and Cadet Sgt Major Emma Ellison (​1st (NI) Bn, Army Cadet Force
  • 2019/20 – Cadet Sgt Catherine Hill (Air Training Corps) and Cadet Sgt Ellen Rae (​1st (NI) Bn, Army Cadet Force)

History of Lieutenancy

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Uniform, Badges and Etiquette

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