High Sheriff of County Antrim

Mrs Patricia Perry

Mrs Patrica Perry is the High Sheriff of County Antrim for 2024. Her appointment was announced in the London Gazette on 5th January and can be viewed here

Patricia is a native of Ballymena and lives between Gracehill and Ahoghill. A teacher by profession she was educated at Ballymena Primary School and then Cambridge House Grammar School before completing her studies in Cardiff, Bristol  and London.

The new High Sheriff taught for a number of years in Downshire High School in Carrickfergus before taking over her father’s role as Sub Postmaster in Harryville in Ballymena. She later established an award winning art gallery and gift shop in the village of Ahoghill. 

Inner Wheel has played an important part in Patricia’s life over recent years. She was appointed as District Chairman (all Ireland) for the organisation for the year 2020/2021. Inner Wheel is the largest women’s service organisation in the world and it is very appropriate that a member has been appointed as High Sheriff in the year which marks the centenary of the founding of the organisation.

Patricia is involved in a number of other voluntary roles in the local area. She is married to James who is a County Antrim DL. They have two adult children.

She can be contacted at:

Accession Proclamation of County Antrim.

​Recent High Sheriffs of County Antrim:

  • 2023Mr Peter Mackie, DL
  • 2022 – Mr John Lockett, OBE
  • 2021 – Mrs Susan Pinkerton
  • 2020 – Mr Rupert Cramsie
  • 2019 – Mr James Ronald Hassard
  • 2018 – Miss Gillian Bingham
  • 2017 – Mrs Miranda Gordon (née Tisdale), DL
  • 2016 – Mr James Perry, MBE, DL
  • 2015 – Major John Pinkerton, TD, DL
  • 2014 – The Hon. Shane O’Neill, DL
  • 2013 – Mr Mervyn Rankin
  • 2012 – Mrs Julia Shirley, DL

Former High Sheriffs of County Antrim with the current High Sheriff for 2023, Mr Peter Mackie, DL. (Standing: Major John Pinkerton TD DL, The Hon. Shane O’Neill DL, Rupert Cramsie, John Lockett OBE, James Perry MBE DL, Ronald Hassard, Stephen Montgomery DL. Seated: Gillian Bingham, Peter Mackie DL, Julia Shirley DL).

History of Lieutenancy

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