Antrim Lieutenancy

Clerk to the Lieutenancy

Mr Christopher McCorkell

Christopher took over the role from Mr James Perry in February 2022. He had previously supported the Lieutenancy as a Deputy Clerk since June 2019. Christopher is the Lord-Lieutenant’s son and lives in Lisburn.

He can be contacted on:​

Previous Clerks to the Antrim Lieutenancy:

History of Lieutenancy

The office of Lord-Lieutenant is of military origin and can be said to date back to the reign of Henry VIII…

Roles and responsibilities

The Lord-Lieutenant is His Majesty’s personal representative for the County. Their primary duty is to…

Uniform, Badges and Etiquette

The Lord-Lieutenant wears a dark blue No. 1 dress that was established in 1950. It is similar to that of a Major-General…